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Madison Hines is a talented Tucson hairstylist with a unique background that combines her expertise as a hairstylist and a decade of experience as a lash artist. For the past two years, Madison has been an integral part of the Salon Renaissance team, where she found the perfect blend of a welcoming atmosphere and a supportive team. “The atmosphere was what initially drew me in, and Cydney. Then I met Jenna and the other girls and I was sold. It’s the most amazing job beyond my wildest dreams,” she shares. As a Tucson hairdresser, Madison excels in blonding and color services, creating stunning looks that enhance her clients’ natural beauty.

A Tucson native, Madison loves the familiarity and close-knit community that comes with living and working in her hometown. She values the opportunity to continue her education and grow within the supportive Tucson community. “I’m a Tucson native, so being home close to family and friends is the best. Having familiar faces in the salon a lot and always being able to be outside!” she says. Madison’s philosophy centers around listening to her clients and ensuring thorough consultations to achieve their desired look.

“Show me photos always of your hair goals! Tell me what you love about it and what you don’t love,” she says.

Outside the salon, Madison is a dedicated gym enthusiast who enjoys weight lifting and experimenting with sourdough bread baking. Her love for simplicity is reflected in her hairstyling approach, particularly in her work with blondes. Madison’s future goals include expanding into the world of health and beauty, a dream she has been working towards for years. “I currently have something a little big happening in my life, a goal I had been working towards for years I was finally able to accomplish,” she reveals. Madison is committed to continuous learning and professional growth, always ready to absorb new information and techniques to provide the best service to her clients.

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