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Annie Pickard is a dedicated Tucson hairstylist with a passion for making clients feel beautiful and confident. With 1.5 years as a stylist and four years in the beauty industry, Annie brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the Salon Renaissance team, where she has been a beloved member for over four years. “I remember meeting Jenna and her team and absolutely adoring them. I knew it’s where I wanted to be,” she shares. Annie’s favorite part of working at this Tucson salon is the incredible team of girls she considers family, making every day at work feel like home.

Specializing in hair extensions, Annie excels in transforming her clients’ hair with added length and volume, ensuring natural and stunning results. As a Tucson hairdresser, she draws constant inspiration from the vibrant and diverse community around her. “Being a Tucson native, I love the desert and the lifestyle we’re surrounded with,” Annie says. The strong sense of community and the beauty of Tucson deeply influence her work, allowing her to connect with clients on a personal level.

“My favorite part of being a stylist is my relationship with my clients! It doesn’t feel like a job when I have so many amazing people sitting in my chair,” she adds.

Annie’s journey in the beauty industry is marked by significant achievements, including going back to school for hair, which she considers a pivotal moment in her career. “My biggest accomplishment is working at Salon Renaissance. It is the salon of my dreams and I couldn’t be happier where I am!” she exclaims. Outside of the salon, Annie enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, running, shopping, and loving on her fur baby. Her personal interests and the inspiring community of Tucson girlies continually motivate her in her hairstyling career. Annie’s philosophy is simple yet profound: “Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. It’s important to me to make everyone feel safe in my chair and leave feeling better than when they arrived.” Looking to the future, Annie aspires to continue growing alongside the best in the industry, driven by the inspiration she finds in her talented team every day.

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